Rotem Zelingher

Ph-D Student

Rotem Zelingher

Research fields:

Climatic change, internatioanl trade, land use.




Miller, G.; Beery, A.; Kumar Singh, P.; Wang, F.; Zelingher, R.; Motenko, E.; Lieberman-Lazarovich, M.
Contrasting processing tomato cultivars unlink yield and pollen viability under heat stress
To be published in : AoB Plants, (2021), 21 p.
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Zelingher, R.; Makowski, D.; Brunelle, T.
Assessing the Sensitivity of Global Maize Price to Regional Productions Using Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
in : Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, (2021), vol. 5. 11 p.
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Zelingher, R.; Ghermandi, A.; De Cian, E.; Mistry, M.; Kan, I.
Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Vegetative Agriculture Markets in Israel
in : Environmental and Resource Economics, (2019), vol. 74. pp. 679-696.
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