Clément Nedoncelle


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UMR Paris-Saclay Applied Economics
22 place de l’Agronomie
CS 20040
91 123 Palaiseau Cedex

Research fields

International Trade : firm behavior, empirical aspects, trade and the agricultural sector.


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Selected publications :


Aboulkacem, E.-M.; Nedoncelle, C.
Wage variations and commuting distance
in : Journal of Economic Geography, (2022), vol. 22, n° 5. pp. 1097-1123.
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Aubry, A.; Héricourt, J.; Marchal, L.; Nedoncelle, C.
Does Immigration Affect Wages? A Meta-Analysis
Paris : Cepremap, 2022. Document de travail, n° 2202. 48 p.
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Bayramoglu, B.; Jacques, J.-F.; Nedoncelle, C.; Neumann-Noel, L.
International climate aid and trade
To be published in : Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, (2022), art.102748
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Nedoncelle, C.
Exporters under Foreign Heat
Working paper, (2022). 33 p.
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Nedoncelle, C.; Bayramoglu, B.; Gozlan, E.; Tarabbia, T.
Are environmental provisions of RTAs effective in mitigating natural resource depletion? Evidence from fisheries
Presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Rimini, Italy 2022-06 2022
and at the European Trade Study Group Groningen, Netherlands 2022-09-08 2022.
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Nedoncelle, C.; Wolfersberger, J.
Temperatures, Firm Size and Exports in Developing Countries
Working paper, (2022), 44 p.
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Nedoncelle, C.
Temperatures, Heterogeneous Exporters and Aggregate
Présenté à la 17th FAERE Annual Conference, Grenoble (FRA), 10-11-/09/2020.
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Marchal, L.; Nedoncelle, C.
Immigrants, occupations and firm export performance
Immigrés, ccupations et performance à l’exportation des entreprises
in : Review of International Economics, (2019), vol. 27, n° 5. pp. 1480-1509.
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Héricourt, J. ; Nedoncelle, C.
Multi-destination firms and the impact of exchange-rate risk on trade
To be published in : Journal of Comparative Economics, (2018)
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