Enrique Ide (IESE)

Tuesday, January 9th 2024

Enrique Ide (IESE) will present “Cross-Market Mergers with Common Customers: When (and Why) Do They Increase Negotiated Prices?”


I examine the implications of cross-market mergers of suppliers to intermediaries that bundle products for consumers. These mergers are controversial. Some argue that suppliers’ products will be substitutes for intermediaries, despite not being substitutes for consumers. Others contend that because bundling makes products complements for consumers, products must be complements for intermediaries. I contribute to this debate by showing that two products can be complements for consumers but substitutes for intermediaries when the products serve a similar role in attracting consumers to purchase the bundle. This result leads to new recommendations and helps explain why cross-market hospital mergers raise prices.

Modification date : 08 January 2024 | Publication date : 08 January 2024 | Redactor : Régis Grateau